India vs. Pakistan   Which country is better? Which country is more corrupt? Which country is more rogue? Which of these two countries is the main source of conflict in Kashmir?

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firoz Observer (2 days 4 hours ago)


WhoDoesn'tHatePaks RU Observer (2 days 19 hours ago)

Ever noticed how we have won all wars? We are better, you know it. You copy us we are original. You live on our movies. You were trash so we made you an independant country and now we are laughing watching you die. Think about it this way you have pakistani's have all the bad qualities and indian's have the best. Pakistan as a nation makes me wanna barf but looks like god already did.

Tera Baap IN Voted for India India (3 days 23 hours ago)

Pakistan is TERRORiST country. Every pakistani is filled with hate in their hearts, and people like this will end up in eternal darkness after death!

desi kalakar IN Observer (4 days 3 hours ago)

Porkistan murdabad pakistan ko hum indians land pe nachaate hai hahahahahaha. Jai hind jai namo. Modi zindabad Hindustan zindabad.

Amar Observer (7 days 18 hours ago)

adi sallo paki Walloon him Indians eek eek karki apki Pakistan me pishab karitho based apki country pishab me duub jaiga.hushar

ismayeel don IN Observer (9 days 9 hours ago)

Pakistan ki maa ki chut. Pakistan Taliban ki gaand saaf karta hai aur wahi Taliban Pakistanio pe hagta hai. Mein hu toh musalmaan par hu pakka hindustani aur modiji ka fan. Benchot koi bhi Pakistani ne India ke baare mein kuch bhi kaha toh maa chod duga pakistanio ki. Mazab hai islam lekin dil hai hindustani. Pakistan ki koi aukaat nahi hai. 47 69 71 aur 98 bhul gaye hai pakistani bohot time ho gaya koi jung nahi hui isliye pakistan ki gaand bohot uchal rahi hai inshallah agli jung bhi hum india waale jeete allah humare saath hai. Vande matram.

Indian Tiger IN Observer (9 days 20 hours ago)

We can take over the whole sh*tty pakistan just in 20 mins did you hear pak a**holed just in 20 mins motherfuc*ers. Go get your bj from nawaz bhosda shariff madarchodo laude ki aaulad bhadwo pakistanio. Hijdo ki fauj hai pakistan ki bhenchod india ka naam sunke chaddi mein mutt dete hai randi saale. Jai hind! Hindustan zindabad Pakistan murdabad.

@@pakistani Observer (15 days 9 hours ago)

pakistan is not safe place for christian, hindu ..sikh.jews ..pakistani r loooser..pakistan is a terrorist factory..india not inved any country since last 1000 year .i am not saying on is one of peace full dont irritate will destroy..

ruhama PK Voted for Pakistan Pakistan (18 days 42 minutes ago)

well india is also not safe place for women.Crime rate in india is very high

Abeera PK Observer (19 days 9 hours ago)

Well said appa...but not same culture

appa IN Voted for India India (19 days 18 hours ago)

Same culture, same blood,same land, hence both are same n one though i am indian i like wasim akram, soheb attar n all goog human from both countries

jagdev singh IN Observer (23 days 9 hours ago)

hello Pakistanis tum logo ko samaj nhi atta ke India is better than pakistan......... I give you a example.... 1. our past president is Muslim 2. our vice president is Muslim 3. in bollywood here is many Muslims, Sikhs, Christian star's 4. in our cricket team there are also Muslims, Sikhs, Christian player's that's is our country strength and we are one. now u give me any example abt ur country. one more thing 1. where us army seal commando kill Osama bin laden world's number one terrorist . 2. in which country terrorist kill hundreds schools children's.

Azhar Observer (24 days 3 hours ago)

India tho phele se tha.. Pakistan hi 14 Aug 1947 ko india se alag hoke bana.. Agar india hi nahi hotha tho pakistan atha kahan se. Baap tho Baap hi hotha hai beta.

Awais AU Observer (24 days 9 hours ago)

pakistan 14 August 1947 ko bna tha or India 15 August 1947 ko. Ab india walo tm ye btao k baap pehlay paida hota hai ya Beta ???

Jaydeep Patil IN Voted for India India (27 days 2 hours ago)

We dont have to say anything ..votes says all ... Pakistan toh pehle se dusronke tukdo par jeeta aa raha hai haha ..

Abeera PK Observer (27 days 9 hours ago)

Pakistan Army is brave it is the fact..even Russian General said that "if I had Russian weapons and Pakistani Army I would have conquered the World"

ALI PK Observer (29 days 2 hours ago)


Shailendra Observer (30 days 18 hours ago)

facts reveals all the things. You pakistani just try to maintain your image, whole world know you bcoz and only due to terrorism.

Indian king2445 Observer (1 month 4 hours ago)

What pak army brave .its a joke. Battle of Longewala was fought in December 1971 between India and Pakistan, in which just 120 Indian Soldierswith 1 jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle held the fort against 2000 Pakistani soldiers backed by 45 tanks and 1 mobile infantry brigade. Indian soldiers held their grounds the whole night giving the Pakistanis the impression that there were around 500 Indians soldiers. When the firewas brought from the sky by Indian Airforce in the morning, Pakistani soldiers fled their positions leaving behind 34 tanks.

sim IT Voted for India India (1 month 1 day ago)

sorry to all,aj kal koi bhi humanity ko nahi samjhata,ia am indian but mere liye dono ek jaise hai,kyonki dono ki cheap yhinking hai,hathon ki panche ungliyan ek jaisi nahi hoti,so everyone is different from thinking,aur jahan tak safai ki bat rahi to wo admi par nirbhar karta hai. thanks

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By: Silas, May 10, 2009


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